We have many years of experience in aircraft appraisals for owners, lessors financing the transactions, courts taking indebted property.

We prepare detailed cost estimate documentation based on total flight hours, residual service life for overhaul and possible modifications implemented after aircraft purchase or taking over.

We perform exhaustive photo report including general visual inspection of aircraft in storage place. We compare estimated value of the aircraft with aviation global market prices.


Our team was contracted by the world's largest insurance companies and prepared more than 100 assessment of aviation events. We have analysed causes of Polish aircrafts accidents at home and abroad. We dealt with both harmless damages caused during towing or taxiing and those which ends tragically.

We, as Green Aviation, offer complex expertise for all kind of civil aviation incident/accident. We analyse compliance with applicable procedures and pertinence of decisions taken, we verify the amount of the claims from insurer and insured point of view. We estimate the value of the aircraft before the event. We provide real cost of the damage including depreciation and costs of accidental repairs. We compare estimated value of the aircraft with aviation global market prices.


We have many years of experience in creating Polish translation of documentation for aircrafts registered in Poland. We can boast of several dozens of pilot operating manuals, aircraft maintenance manuals, maintenance programs and service bulletins for all types of aircraft translated from English into Polish language. We were the first in Poland who translated manuals for Cessna 150, modern Eurocopter - EC130 and aircrafts manufactured by Ekolot and destined for western market.

We offer exhaustive paper documentation ready to be submitted to CAA, at the lowest prices in Poland!


Our certified mechanics, with several dozen type ratings, perform detailed airworthiness inspections of aircrafts registered in the European Union. We check technical condition and maintenance records. We make inspection report including detected non- conformities and we suggest corrective actions.

Additionally, wide scope of approval of our CAO+ organization (PL.CAO.0069) allows to provide comprehensive services related to civil aircrafts continuous airworthiness management. We advise during aircraft purchasing process, prepare documentation required for registration, perform technical inspection upon which we release Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC).


As experienced auditors we provide services in the scope of Quality Control in maintenance organization approved according to Part CAO and Part 145, Continuous Airworthiness Management Organizations, Production Organization Part 21G as well as in the operational areas of air carriers. We perform internal and external audits to improve company`s core processes. We identify problems, report results of inspection and we propose corrective action plans.

Additionally, we participate in the development of documentation aimed at widening of company profile. We propose changes in the procedures to assure compliance with state and European aviation law. We take an active part in certification processes. We include quality system of subcontractors performing airworthiness management tasks.